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Esther Alexis d’Orlaque

Esther Alexis d’Orlaque

Esther Alexis d’Orlaque (formerly known as Esther Avraham) joined our mediation family on November 13, 2013. Since then, she transitioned from a 20 hour per week sidekick to our then office administrator to The Queen of Technology, Office Administrator, a.k.a. Chief Operations Commodore (a title Will Cannon bestowed upon her). 

Esther was born in the teeny-weeny town of St. Martinville, Louisiana. After studying Political Science and English at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, she decided textbook education was insufficient and she traveled all 50 states to meet the USA she loves.

Her American Cultural Anthropology Experiment around the country sparked a bucket list of all the countries she would go on holiday before 30, completing her list by the age of 26- the usual destinations: London, Paris, Milan, Rio de Janeiro.

Esther joined the Navy on 9/11 and is a proud Navy War Veteran who honorably served during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, which added a few more stops on the cultural exploration tour: Singapore, Dubai, Bahrain, Sigonella, coastal Australia, and crossing the Equator in Ecuador.

Post-military, Esther studied Mathematics and Computer Science, hoping to build that one app that would save medicine.  Her retirement dreams involve living on a farm in Costa Rica writing in the style of Mary Wollstonecraft popularly known Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein and many feminist writings.