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McEldowney Mediation Offices
Our facility has been meticulously designed for effective mediation.

Located in the Upper Kirby District, midway between downtown and the Galleria area, our facility was specifically and uniquely designed for mediation. The litigants themselves — plaintiffs and defendants, husbands and wives, moms and dads — often comment on how relieved they are that their mediation is being conducted in such a soothing and interesting space. In addition to custom built round tables in each caucus room and a vast collection of art displayed throughout the offices, the 595 Best Songs EVER can be heard throughout the common areas. To help keep everyone truly comfortable as they negotiate, we installed separate ac/heat zones that allow each individual caucus room to be set at the temperature desired by that day’s participants. Simply put, our facility reflects our desire to provide each client, each adjuster, and each attorney the very best mediation experience possible.