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Ashely Covarrubias

Ashely Covarrubias

Ashely Diana Covarrubias joined our mediation family on May 1, 2019. She was hired as a “Girl Friday” but was quickly promoted to Assistant Mediation Coordinator.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Ashely attended the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.  After high school, Ashely studied to be a medical assistant and worked at a pediatric clinic.

The daughter of two Christian pastors, Ashely is active in her church where she is part of the church band in which she plays acoustics. Her husband, who is also the child of Christian pastors, performs in the church band as well, and together, they are quite the musical duo.

As the proud mother of two children, Ashely views her most important job to be mother, followed by wife, sister, and daughter.  She loves working at McEldowney Mediation in part because her schedule allows her to arrive very early and leave the office in time to pick up both her children from school.

She aspires to continue her education and loves working at McEldowney Mediation where education is highly valued and where she is an integral part of the team.  Simply put, she’s a keeper.